Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database

1. The Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database is copyrighted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks. By using the Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions stated herein.

2. Use of the Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database will be for educational, research, and other non-commercial purposes only.

3. Use will be in keeping with the terms of the copyright. Users must also respect the copyright on original materials included in the Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database. No copying, automated browsing or downloading, redistribution, publication, or commercial exploitation of material available on the Database is permitted, except as otherwise expressly permitted under applicable U.S. copyright law.

4. Researchers, students, and other users may print out short segments of the texts and images included in the database for classroom, research, and similar one-time use; however, redistribution of any portion of the Database through sale, loan, rental, time-sharing, or any other arrangement is prohibited.

5. The University of Alaska Fairbanks will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from the use of the Hubert Wenger Eskimo Database. The terms of use of this material shall be construed as in accord with the laws of the State of Alaska.

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